About Us

We at OnPoint Learning (formerly TechEDGE)want to welcome our newest partner Northwest State Community College College in Archbold, Ohio.  We are here to answer your questions and get you registered for course access. You may contact Mr. Jim Drewes jdrewes@northweststate.edu  or at OnPoint Learning Sue Raftery, sraftery@onpoint-learningcom.  We will get you enrolled yet today!


With a vision of “Building Skills to Feed the World” online education pioneer Dr. Sue Raftery started AgTechEDGE, personalized learning at large scale. Now part of OnPoint Learning, a learning platform that adapts to what students already know, the company is designed to help vocational and technical training serve today’s learners.

OnPoint Learning fills the need for skilled workers globally and supports their on-going training needs with a library of existing course material or the ability to adapt customer material to their innovative, engaging and adaptive learning environment.

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